Advanced Consumer Bankruptcy Roundtable

IndyBar 135 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 1500
April 27, 2017
Sponsor: IndyBar Board of Directors

Jim Rossow and Jim Young of Rubin & Levin are two of the panelists of this roundtable. ---- Dont miss this opportunity to actively discuss complex consumer bankruptcy topics with some of Indiana's brightest legal minds. Though the list of panelists and facilitators is distinguished in its own right, this full-day seminar is known for the high quality discussion added by the attorney attendees. ---- This program will focus on unique and timely topics identified by the chairs and panelists. Though specific issues will be raised, this isn't a "canned presentation." The day will evolve with the insight of the advanced practitioners gathered round the table. ---- Proceeds from the program help fund the Neil E. Shook Scholarship of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation for law students interested in creditor's rights. ---- Chaired by Chief Judge Robyn Moberly & Judge Jeffrey Graham, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Indiana ---- Speakers: John Allman, Hester Baker Krebs LLC; Stacy DeLee, Doyle & Foutty PC; Sarah Fowler, Ice Miller LLP; John Hauber, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee; Mike Hebenstreit, Whitham Hebenstreit & Zubek; Harley Means, Kroger Gardis & Regas LLP; Jim Rossow, Rubin & Levin PC; Richard Shea, Sawin Shea & Des Jardines LLC; David Theising, Harrison & Moberly LLP; Jim Young, Rubin & Levin PC

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